New Year’s Resolutions

An activity on New Year’s Resolutions consisting of:

  1. Some vocabulary
  2. A youtube video to watch
  3. Discussion questions based on the video and personal opinions
  4. Talking about setting good goals
  5. Making New Year’s Resolutions

This activity could be shortened to half a class period or lengthened if necessary!

New Year’s Resolution Video

New Years Resolutions


Source for SMART goal setting:


American Sports

A video-heavy (it is sports, after all) presentation of some common American sports (football, NASCAR, lacrosse, baseball) with explanations of the rules and the importance of these sports to American culture. It also has an explanation of college sports (since that isn’t really a popular thing in Spain) and what being a college athlete is like. This presentation has personal pictures as I also use it to explain my experiences as a baseball fan and a former college athlete.

American Sports Presentation