Columbus Day

This is a presentation which, along with a discussion, will teach the students the history of Columbus Day and encourage them to think critically about the “Discovery” of America.


Columbus Day Presentation


New Year’s Resolutions

An activity on New Year’s Resolutions consisting of:

  1. Some vocabulary
  2. A youtube video to watch
  3. Discussion questions based on the video and personal opinions
  4. Talking about setting good goals
  5. Making New Year’s Resolutions

This activity could be shortened to half a class period or lengthened if necessary!

New Year’s Resolution Video

New Years Resolutions


Source for SMART goal setting:


When I realized that few of my students had even met a Jewish person, let alone knew about Chanukah, I decided to create a Chanukah presentation to present instead of or in addition to the typical Christmas presentation.

The presentation could be followed by a dreidel game (in a well behaved or smaller class), or further discussion about Judaism.

Chanukah Presentation

Thanksgiving in the US

A Thanksgiving presentation for high school students.


  • A brief history of Thanksgiving
  • The possibility for a discussion about colonization and controversy surrounding Thanksgiving
  • A funny SNL comedy sketch about Thanksgiving, with an optional explanation of the politics behind the sketch. Kids of all levels find the sketch funny, but only those with a higher level of English will understand the nuances.
  • Typical Thanksgiving food
  • Macy’s Day Parade and afternoon football
  • Black Friday