Phases of Matter Science Activity

An activity based on two short videos:

One Bill Nye video (cue nostalgia!) about solids, liquids, gas, atoms/molecules, and absolute zero with questions to test comprehension.

If this activity doesn’t take the entire class period, there is an additional, shorter youtube video (“Draw my Science”) about density and volume, also with questions to test comprehension.


Video Questions Word Document

Bill Nye

Draw My Science


Renewable Energy Resources

A presentation for 2nd ESO high school science students, specifically, Physics and Chemistry taught in English. Focuses on explaining renewable energy (solar, geothermal, tidal, etc) as well as what individuals can do to use less energy and live more environmentally friendly lives. Includes videos, an interactive website to calculate water use, and some true-false and open-ended questions to get the students involved.

Renewable Energy Resources